Huron Consulting offers sales force automation (SFA), customer relationship management (CRM), and application support for small to mid-size companies using ACT!, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Project.
ACT!, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft Project are a few of the tools Huron Consulting offers businesses in the Michigan and Ohio state area to help manage customer relationships.
BLive Online Meeting Services

From Message to Meeting - Instantly

Small to mid-size businesses compete in a world that demands rapid, spontaneous response and ongoing communications with customers, prospects and employees. BLive's revolutionary message to meeting service allows you to instantly 'get on the same page' with the people most important to your business.

BLive provides four major services:

1. Instant Messaging
2. Two-way File Transfer
3. Desktop Sharing
4. Remote Support

Be More Profitable

Use BLive to extend your service offerings and improve sales results.

• Expand your sales territory with the ability to train and support remotely
• Bill more support calls in one day using remote desktop control since there's no travel 'downtime'
• Get a competitive advantage by providing your prospects/clients instant access to your sales/support team
• Be accessible and interact with your prospects at the moment they want to buy

Be More Available

Encourage prospects and customers to connect with you.

• Make your website interactive with a BliveLink so visitors can 'BLive' with your team or with you anytime
• Add a personal BLiveLink to your email signature to provide instant connectivity
• Invite people to join you on BLive anytime

Be More Efficient

Phone discussions or e-mail aren't always enough and can be cumbersome, particularly when you're selling, meeting, troubleshooting or training.

• Share your desktop with others so that you are all 'on the same page'
• Fix problems directly by controlling/viewing remote desktops
• Control the web experience by easily directing the participant's web browser to specific web pages
• Transfer files to a remote desktop without the hassle of email limitations

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Huron Consulting is ACT! Certified E-mail
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